Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's play "Review that Popcorn!"

I am now coming up (with help, ;-) thanks girls) with new popcorn flavors. You have the opportunity to buy a bag for ONLY the cost of shipping $6 per bag and give me a review on the flavors. Yay, Nay, Crap, Not so bad, What the heck were you think, DOA. For the month of October you can purchase the following 3 oz samples for $6 dollars only per bag and no shipping! Get all 7 for $42.

Strawberry Patch Carnival Popcorn
BananaRama Creme Carnival Popcorn
Scotch Bonnet (Butterscotch) Carnival Popcorn
Blue Razzleberry Carnival Popcorn
Buttery Caramel Carnival Popcorn
Cheesecake Carnival Popcorn

We will be doing more flavors in November! I need your honest critiques! Thanks again and ciao...

You can

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Job Possibility?

Okay so I got a new job (possibly). I went on an interview today and I am almost 99.99% positive, that I have the job. It's with the utilities company and it pays well. There is room for advancement, flex work week and benefits. Oh there is one small, teeny, tiny problem. What's that? I DON'T WANT TO WORK FOR ANYONE ELSE. What the FLIP? Is there something wrong with me? I mean seriously. Someone else would kill for this job and me? Oh nooooo, no quiero. *sigh* I think I'm mental. I want to do my bakery and public relations jobs full-time. I swear there is something wrong with me. I've been out of work for about a month and I'm actually liking it. 

Okay so my bakery comes back online next Wednesday. Am I ready? NO! Dang it! I lost my job inconveniently and lost a lot of the financial backing. Now I am about to get my job back. UGH! Should I delay the opening until November? I don't know. Should I just go ahead and jump in feet first and re-open on schedule? I have no idea but I'm starting to be annoyed.

So, I ate 5 double stuffed oreos and my stomach is now paying for it. I feel sick to my stomach. Oh, well, I couldn't resist. Now I have really bad gas and I've been killing myself all night. 

So for the fun part! I want to give a shout out to MY Etsy store pick of the day:

SRBDESIGN or Miss Bohls


Congrats for being on the front page of Etsy tonight!

I'm going to pick up my sister and my baby nephew. He has colic and she hasn't slept a wink. So she is coming to stay with us for a few days to get some rest. I am sooooo excited!! I love him so much! 

Alright until tomorrow or whenever - Ciao!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clean House!

We are moving! I am cleaning house. I started in my room last night. Cleaned under my bed and the bottom of my closet. I also took out ALL unwanted clothes out of my closet. I took all the unwanted shoes out of the attic and put them and the clothes NEATLY downstairs in the garage for the yard sale next week. I still have crap everywhere. Doesn't make sense. You take out so much stuff and you STILL have junk everywhere. Its like it has legs of it's on and everything walks back where you took it from. 

So, right now I'm taking a break and watching THE most fantabulous Alabama football game in the land of football. Seriously, I'm going to call the season 12-0. I'm trying to be modest but eh eh, we're just good this year. Okay so if I was conservative, I would say 11-1. But okay, I'll take that back. IF we beat Georgia next week, I call it 12-0 for the season. 

My bakery opens up soon! Exciting! I made strawberry pickin' popcorn, banana creme de la creme popcorn and blue raspberry bush popcorn. I need to perfect it more. Perhaps popping MORE popcorn. 

I think I'll bake it for 10 minutes after I make it to see if it gets crispy. 

Alright! I must get back to cleaning! 

I want to give a shout out to my favorite shop of the day:


They make fanTABulous handbags! Get one for yourself! 

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Can Blog

My mind is finally clear enough where I can blog! I've had writers block a couple of days and really couldn't blog. But I'm good today.

Saturday I went to the Alabama vs. W. Kentucky game. It was fun! We "rolled" over them. 41-7, I believe the score was. Now we face our first SEC game this weekend and we are away from home. Arkansas. HA! I think we're going to win. I usually can tell if we're going to lose but I think we will win. Putting us 4-0 and 1-0 in the Conference. 

So I made a rum pound cake and o.m.g. Can I say fantabulous? I have leftover butter rum and I don't know what to do with it. Ice cream perhaps? Chicken? Just in a cup? Hee hee. I also made chocolate pound cake, lemon pound cake and an original. I'll be offering them in my bakery. I've GOT to finish my marketing. I want my store flooded with customers. So, I've got to get on the ball.

Well, that's all I have for now! Love, peace and college football! Ciao and ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Celebrate Our Grand Re-Opening and WIN the ULTIMATE Gifts!

Come celebrate our Grand Re-Opening with us on October 1st, 2008! Steel City Bakery will be back and better than ever!

All you have to do is subscribe to my blog and answer this simple question: What is your favorite dessert?

Yep that's it! But please be descriptive! I love to read stories. Maybe where you first tried or what made you fall in love with it! Contest ends on September 31st at Midnight Eastern Central time. 

You must still be a subscriber when contest ends to win. You must be 18 to win! There will be TWO winners! As always, please comment on my blog and I'll return the favor! Happy eating!

2 Dozen Cookies of the Choice
4 Pack Sampler of Pound Cake - Original, Lemon, Chocolate and Rum
Half Dozen The Original Southern Red Velvet Cupcakes
Half Dozen Sky Fluff Cupcakes
Vulcan Brownies (equivalent to one pan)

2 Dozen Cookies of Choice
4 Pack Sampler of Pound Cake - Original Lemon, Chocolate and Rum
Half Dozen The Original Southern Red Velvet Cupcakes

I've baked my fingers off!

Well, not really..lol. But I baked a LOT! October 1st is the Official re-opening date of my bakery. I have SO much to do. I am baking so I can have pictures taken of my items by a professional. I baked the following:

Out Of My Mind Cookies
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Apple Pie Cookies
Carrot Cake Cookies
Red Velvet Cakes

Right now I have just taken mini chocolate pound cakes out of the oven. MMMMMM.. Next I am going to make mini Rum Pound cakes with a special rum from the the Dominican Republic as well as some other secret additions. :-) I think this year is going to be the best year I've had. Happy One Year Etsyversary to me! 

So I must get back to baking. I hope something exciting happens today so I can blog you about it. :-) Ciao!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am in LOVE!

Okay so I just made it back in town and settled in. OMG...I am in LOVE with my new nephew. I love him so much. He has stolen my heart FORever. He's so precious and only 4 days old. He is very hairy though..lol. He has precious little gums and the longest fingers and toes you'll ever see. He's so beautiful! I am so happy he is here. I could ramble for days but if you only could see him. I love him with all my heart! UGH! I almost cried when I had to leave. Thank you Melissa and Paul for bringing him into the world. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Well, Alabama won like I said they would. But I was FAR from impressed. STEP IT UP! We've got much harder teams to play this season. No more dropped passes, missed blocks! NO MORE!

Anyways, I love my little baby. *flies away to cloud 9* Ciao

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Worldwind of a Day

So today I slept late. I then got up and did some work on finding my clients wholesale accounts and other misc. things. BOY did I WORK! I think the phone is my third ear! I got one new client today. I'm so happy! I love what I do. I love helping small businesses, new designers, realize their potential and get their businesses to where they should be. I am a second hand but I am THEIR Public Relation Officer. Sounds cool but a LOT of work. I wish I could just get other Etsians to see that they DO need a second hand so that they can focus on what they do, whether it is sewing, making jewelry, graphic designs, baking, whatever they do. They need to let others know that they are out there and how great they are. 

On to more exciting news, I bought a Keurig coffee maker! Yippeee! It's awesome! I can't wait to get more flavors for it. I might overdose. HA! I used it for the first time and it is awesome! It heats your beverage to 192 degrees. That is hot! It's not a wimp. But it does it in under 3 minutes! I tried the Van Houtte French Vanilla. I've got to get used to brewing a small cup for a stronger strength on Light coffees. But I LURVE it. I'm going to hug it.

Well, I shall go for now! Alabama and Tulane this weekend! ROLL TIDE! Yes we will win. Not a shadow of a doubt. Ciao!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am POOPED! My mom left today to go see my new little nephew baby. So, she has the great idea to wake up at 5 AM and bang pots around and wash glasses! I was soooo mad! My baby sister and I decided to have a sleep over, so in my sleep I said, "I'm going to hurt her". My sister got up and closed the door and yelled something. We got so tickled that we could barely go back to sleep. It was the BEST thing because we know that we were laughing about something but we can't remember what we said. It will ALWAYS be hilarious. So because of a lack of sleep, I am POOPED!

Today I saw pictures of my beloved nephew for the first time and HE IS SO CUTE! UGH! Precious as all get out. Nothing exciting really happened today but I leave on Friday to go see my little baby. I'm going to kiss his little face off. Alright that's enough for tonight...ciao!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Tide Rolled! And Gabriel is on his way!

Aaaanddd what did I tell you? The Tide SPANKED Clemson. It was awesome!!! Alabama - 34 - Clemson - 10. We looked good. Better than I have seen us in years. We still have a LOT to work on but we did look like we can actually beat some teams this year. Oh, *scoffs* we will definitely, DEFINITELY beat Auburn. Watch out ;-). This doesn't mean that we are going to win any National Championships this year or the next. But it does mean that teams will not underestimate us this year and they will take notice. 

So, on to more important news (I have to blog in sequence so don't flog me). My sister is IN LABOR RIGHT NOW!  My little baby is on his way AND I said he was coming today. Yes I did. *takes a bow* So, I have to cut it short today and say ROLL TIDE! And come on Gabe!!! Ciao!

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